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15 May 2013:

A release date for the new website has been set: July 15st 2013 @ 17.00 GMT, Triebert Media invites you to come and visit the website when it is online on the 15st. See you then!

28 March 2013:

The new website has been tested and will go live in the second half of July. Stay tuned for the latest information about Triebert Media.

28 February 2013:

Visual Timer is released for BlackBerry 10 and will be available on BlackBerry World in the next few days. The new site will feature a profile for Visual Timer (and all other Apps/Software created by Triebert Media).

15 February 2013:

Triebert Media will be relaunched this March. The news site will be available with a new site and logo. All previous information will be available on the new site.

7 February 2013:

Triebert Media Attended BlackBerry Jam 2013. A full report will be available when the new site launches.

20 January 2013:

Triebert Media is currently renewing it's website. All old articles are still available and will be accessable under new links. All our articles and news has been taken off the RSS feed and have been replaced with temporary items about the site relaunch. Our feed will be updated with the new links as soon as the site launches and still is available at the same address (here: RSS Feed). The site will launch in time with the BlackBerry 10 launch at the end of January. Triebert Media is looking forward to sharing all the new apps created especially for BlackBerry 10. Currently Remote DeFTP is available for the BlackBerry Playbook and will be available at launch for BlackBerry 10. Look forward to more exciting new BB10 apps at launch and subscribe to our RSS Feed.

28 Maart 2013:

De laatste testen met de nieuwe website zijn afgerond. In de tweede week van Juli 2013 zal de nieuwe website online komen.

15 Februari 2013:

Triebert Media vernieuwt momenteel de website en servers, begin April 2013 komt de nieuwe website online. Voor meer informatie en de oude website kijkt u op

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